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Your Refrigerator Doesn't Kill Germs... The MiniMate Does!

How The MiniMate Works

The MiniMate uses activated oxygen to improve food safety, make your produce last longer, and save you money (the average family throws out over $400 per year in spoiled fruits and vegetables). The MiniMate is specially designed to work with your refrigerator, upgrading its capabilities and fighting off the germs that can infect your food.

Just look at the images below:

We placed a pint of raspberries in two refrigerators, one with and one without the MiniMate. After seven days, the raspberries in the refrigerator without the MiniMate had spoiled, but those in the one with the MiniMate did not!

But don't believe us; read our customers' testimonials and then try the test yourself! You'll be amazed at how long your food lasts now that the MiniMate is protecting your refrigerator.

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