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Customer Testimonials

John Lee Hooker, Jr.
two-time Grammy nominee
"You may know me for my Grammy-nominated albums Blues with a Vengeance and All Odds Against Me, but what you might not know is that I grew up on down home cooking and that all my life I have loved organic foods. Because my wife and I try to eat almost all organic foods, which are especially susceptible to spoilage, I save a lot of money with the MiniMate." Read the full story...

Jerry B.
Chenango Forks, NY
"The Mini-Mate is a great product! It is not just another gimmick, It actually works and does everything advertised. While saving money on my grocery bill, the Mini-Mate keeps the produce in my refrigerator crispy, holds the color and maintains a fresh taste for twice as long or longer than without it. The Mini-Mate has also eliminated the refrigerator smell. Less Waste! Healthier Food! On a five star rating I give the Mini-Mate all five stars!."

Jill G.
Port Crane, NY
"We received a mini-mate for our refrigerator and I have to say I had my doubts that it would actually do what the advertisement says it would, but after 2 years I have to say it works great. The produce does stay fresher longer and there is no refrigerator odor."

Bobbi S.
Minneapolis, MN
"The MiniMate has kept fruits and vegetables fresh for a lot longer - giving us more time to remember and use them. Strawberries seem to be lasting 3 times longer."

Angela H.
Big Spring, TX
"I don't know how many times fresh berries and veggies have gone bad before I could use them all -- not anymore! I like to keep a bowl of mixed fruit and veggies ready in the fridge to snack on, with the MiniMate they stay fresh and I can refill the bowl once a week instead of [every] 3 or 4 days. Good for the budget and my health!"

Sonya R.
Fall River, MA
"I'm tossing my [Brand Name] Baking Soda out. MiniMate is the one item that will always be in my fridge."

Cheryl A.
Newark, NJ
"Usually, for example, grape tomatoes don't last more than a week in my refrigerator, without showing signs of food spoilage. I was surprised to note a pint I'd bought 2 weeks prior still looked the same as when I bought it. Then I remembered I was using the MiniMate - it works!"

Cynthia T.
South Dartmouth, MA
"The MiniMate purifies air and eliminates odors quickly, esp. fish! Easy to operate. Nothing to do except replace batteries. Much better than baking soda."

Valerie S.
Bartlesville, OK
"The MiniMate is so easy to use. Just insert batteries and forget it. The size is perfect. I did the test with strawberries as they did. The strawberries without the Minimate molded within 3 days. Strawberries with the MiniMate were still fresh and the flavor was great after 7 days. I would recommend this to members and family and friends. I love it!"

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