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Overwhelmingly positive remarks...

Professional Comments about the MiniMate

We have received overwhelmingly positive remarks from the professional food and safety industries. They have recognized how revolutionary the MiniMate is and how important it is for the consumer. With all the recent food recalls, they know that this type of technology is going to be an important part of the consumer food industry for years to come.

Here are a few quotes that show the typical response we have received:

David Steinman

David Steinman

"I've written about the dangers of the American food supply in many books. But I've never seen more dangerous times in terms of public health risk than today. I strongly recommend every refrigerator in America contain a MiniMate. It, along with proper handling and washing, makes one of the best contributions to public health and safety."

Read more from David Steinman.

Jan McBarron

Jan McBarron, M.D.
"Love your product!"

Dee M. Graham, Ph.D.

Fellow of IFT, Research in Ozone Technology since 1996

"Ozone is a strong Anti microbial Agent approved by FDA for direct contact with foods, including fruits and vegetables. Ozone readily kills potentially harmful bacteria, e.g. Salmonella, E. coli, Listeria; Molds, e.g. Botrytis, Aspergillus; viruses, e.g. Human Adeno virus, polio; larger species such as Cryptosporidium. Ozone can help assure the microbiological safety of fresh fruits and vegetables without leaving any chemical residue in the food, when properly applied as a final wash, especially immediately before serving"

The Family Review Center

The Family Review
"Goodbye Baking Soda! Hello, MiniMate!! ... it is amazing this little unit can be so powerful on reducing food spoilage and germs ... The latest scares concerning spinach are a reminder of what can happen, even when we try to eat healthy"

The MiniMate received five out of five thumbs up from the Family Review.


"Consumer Food Safety Breakthrough. The technology employed in the MiniMate actually kills microbial's growing in your fridge and on fresh produce."

National Health & Wellness Club

National Health and Wellness Club
Tested by the National Health and Wellness Club; read their testimonials here.


Cooking Club of America

Cooking Club of America
Tested by the Cooking Club of America; read their test results here.

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